DJ's Mug Shot of 2005


DJ's Mugshot of 2003


DJ's Mugshot of 2008

Little Blue DJ is the leader of the Little Blue Devils crip set. He was jumped in on March 17, 1990 when he was 13 years old.

Name: DJ Worthington

Born: October 7, 1977 South Compton, California.(33 years old)

Relatives: Mother(deceased), Father, Grandmother, Cousin(deceased), 2 Brothers(1 deceased)

Crimes Committed: Assault-October 23, 1989, Vandalism-May 19, 1991, Robbery-January 21, 1993, Assault, Robbery-April 3, 2003, Vandalism-November 15,2005, Identity Theft-April 12, 2008

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