Boredy Youngster's Mugshot from 2009

Boredy Youngster is a member of the Sierra Vista SSX street gang. He was jumped in on May 2, 2002 when he was only 10 years old.

Name: Justin Vilantes-Carmichael

Born: May 4, 1992 Stockton, California(18 years old)

Relatives: 2 Brothers, 2 Sisters, Mother, Father(deceased), Grandfather, Grandmother(deceased), 3 Aunts

Crimes Committed: Theft-May 14, 2002, Assault-June 6, 2002, 3 Accounts of Assault-February 18, 2003, Drug Distribution, Posession of Drugs-January 20, 2006, Vandalism-March 23, 2009

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